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August Meeting, 2010

NB remember the new venue, and time!

If, when you arrive, the Manx flight has been delayed, we’ll rendezvous at the entrance to the Aviator pub.

July 2010Peter Watts is an extraordinary engineer and serial aircraft builder. His latest completion is a rare bird – a Jurca Sirocco. Weather permitting he’ll bring it along on Tuesday 10th to tell us all about it. It promises to be a great evening so don’t miss it and bring along an aviation friend.

Newsletter: our August newsletter has been emailed to members [we regret there is no booklet version available to download this month]. Non members can usually view online all but the most recent newsletter.


January NewsletterIt being January, we held our annual general meeting which, according to our timekeeper, took almost 5 minutes, after which we had a extremely testing quiz on Air Law administered by Roly Robinson. This was followed by a couple of very enjoyable light aircraft recognition tests set by Dave Haines and Steve Smith using their own photos. Many thanks to all three. After a small celebration for our 17th birthday, the evening deteriorated as my own aviation history quizzes were once again found to be flawed (we have such very knowledgeable members, darn it). However, David Joyce having supplied such excellent wines, a good time was had by one and all.


January 2010 Newsletter


Mick Knott turned out to be a raconteur par excellance and entertained us with his accounts of flying in WWII. He had tried his hand at Coastal work, torpedoing shipping, ground attack, and dropping agents and supplies to the resistance, and managed to make it all sound like an enjoyable stroll in the park, even the time his Special Duties Stirling was shot at by a Messerschmitt 262, the first operational jet fighter.




Tuesday 9th February, starting at 7.30 pm.

February Newsletter
Robin Morton, that man of any parts, was involved in the building of a replica Avro Triplane, part of his contribution being to build a Great Plains VW aero engine from a kit of parts. e’ll be spilling the beans on how it all went. Be sure to bring along an aviation friend.

booklet [A5]



Pilot Coaching Scheme

Pilot Coaching Scheme chairman Jon Cooke talked about the PCS together with a Winter Quiz. The content of Jon's talk was aimed at low hour PPLs but there was plenty to be gained by all who attended.

Strut coach: our own Ray Lewis may be contacted for biennial flight reviews and other coaching matters.


 Malcolm Porter has led an extraordinary and a charmed life, which has included ser vice in the RAF, the Rhodesian Air Force (after that Country’s unilateral declaration of independence from Britain), flying for some shady characters, running his own micro airline and owning an iconic aircraft, the Jack Conroy conversion of a CL44 into a Guppy. He entertained us with his account of his amazing experiences, the latest of which is his discovery of a local cache of military jets. Having spent some time cutting away the weeds to expose a Hawker Hunter, he’s now using gallons of WD-40 to prevent it’s complete disappearance. He’s quite a remarkable character and we had a most interesting evening.

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Meeting venue: The Victory Club , Burlington House , Lypiatt Rd. Cheltenham , Glos . GL50 2SY at 7.30 pm. Drinks are available before the meeting.
If you live in our area and are interested in aviation or flying then you may be interested in what we do!

Feel free to explore our website. We would be happy to welcome you to our meetings, where you will meet some of our members.


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